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Friday, April 22, 2005
what an eventful day at work
my colleagues think i am a jinx. i always attract trouble. i really do.

scene 1
a couple came to the branch wanting to know whether their friend has tried to deposit a cheque into their account through the atm. well, he did. after he has deposited the cheque, he withdrew $4000 from the another branch. the couple was incensed when they received a call from the bank that someone has tried to perform fraudent transaction in their account.

after much investigation, the couple found out that the fraudster ha stolen the cheque from another person and deposit the cheque into our bank atm. the couple contacted the local police and they came to our branch for more investigation work. my desk became their meeting corner.

i do sympathise with the couple and hope that they can find the fraudster soon.

scene 2

a man and his kids came to deposit a cheque to his account. the cheque was made out to he and his ex-wife and both have signed on the back of the cheque. as the ex-wife was not present at the point of the cheque deposit, my boss called his ex-wife to verify her identity. she told my boss that she will be coming to the branch to verify her identity.

30 minutes later, the ex-wife came. we verified her identity and approved the cheque deposit. suddenly, the ex-wife shouted at her ex-husband as she claimed that he had cashed out her stock cheque. as the situation gets more intense, we told them to get out of the branch to settle their dispute.

outside the branch, the ex-wife was screaming at his ex-husband. i pity the children.

what an eventful day!
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