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Sunday, April 17, 2005
ten things i hate about you part deux
here's mine on sharon:

1) stubborn (mentally and physically)
3) petty
4) nitpicking
5) she think i'm jonathan-ON-DEMAND (hehe.. macham like Comcast ON DEMAND), and no.. not that lah.
6) impatience...
7) the way she order food damm funny one... (die die must say "can u dont do this... do that...", even on a cup of water)
8) somewhat related to point 7 - "enterpreneual" or whatever those goons in white are using - the way she comes up with new combinations of food is damm amazing. E.g. noodles, with Chicken broth, no chicken, only tofu. Once, the even worse example was at the same stall, broth and tofu. No noodles! Heng she not working in my company as a product manager... else 300000 combinations of Windows and Office.
9) She makes up her mind before checking facts.
10) She never rests enough (for her and myself) ... on weekends she die die got a to-do list that's longer than 43 things.
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