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Sunday, April 10, 2005
office sale
i always thought women are the only suckers for designer sale or any kind of sale. but, as usual i was wrong.

jon brought me to his office sale on saturday, 9 april. we were there at 9.20am and the sale start at 10am. i was so suprised to see a long line of male customers waiting to spend money at the sale. they are here on a mission, and the mission is very achievable.

when the door opened at 10am, the male species stormed in and within 10 minutes, most them have selected more than 10 products to pay at the cashier.

i was standing outside the restroom helping jon to 'jugka' his purchases when 3 males asked me where i found the matrix mouse. i pointed to a brown box and the trio dashed to the brown box for matrix mouse. they have achieved their mission in getting the matrix mouse.

the moral of the story :

in a sale, men aim and buy stuff without hesitation. they do not browse at products.
women browse at products, try on them, if possible, ask friends for opinions, take their time to consider the purchase. we may keep the product in the shopping bag and decide later on the purchase.

am i right or wrong?
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