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Thursday, April 14, 2005
next review coming soon
my next review will be in may 05. i am very excited as this time the review format will be different. apart from having my supervisors evaluating my performance, i will select my peers to evaluate my performance too.

it seems fun, but i am not hopeful that my review will be good. my supervisors think that i over react on situations. they feel that i think too far ahead for customers.

when i am resolving loan problems for customers i will try to think of alternative solutions to help customers. i believe in being well prepared in my work and i should be knowledgeable in loan products. however, they feel that i am overloading too much information onto the customers. they may not be able to absorb it.

i agree. but they have to aware of the terms and conditions stated in the fine prints. i don't want to be liable for financial malpractice. i know customers do not read the fine prints and i need to bring up the salient points so that they will remember.

my supervisors seem to take things in their stride. that's because they don't handle loan requests and hardly deal with customers. they are buried under a pile of administrative work.

i wonder how much do they understand about the bank's products and services. sometimes, i overhear them telling customers that they do not know how to do certain transactions and ask my colleagues or me to do it.

i thought supervisors are supposed to set good examples by knowing the products and services well. i guess this does not apply in my bank.
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