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Thursday, April 28, 2005
my kitchen faucet
my landlord told me that the handy man will be at my house at 4.30pm sharp to fix the kitchen (in usa, they don't faucet as tap). i have to persuade my boss to change my lunch schedule and let me go home early.

was the handy man waiting for me when i reached home? HELL NO!!! when i called my landlord. he said "let me call him now".

to all landlords and handymen :

a) never antagonize women
b) never antagonize desperate housewives
b) always be on time and keep your promise
c) always let the other parties know if you are late/lost or could not make it

these two persons are really testing my patience. it is now 5pm. what the #@*! are they.

latest update : the handy man arrived at 5.30pm. i am fuming mad.
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At 12:49 PM, Blogger Jonathan

aiyoh... so jialat... 8(