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Friday, April 29, 2005
my european co-workers
when i told my co-workers one of my friends will be staying with jon and i on a long term basis, they raised their eyebrows and gave me a "you got to be kidding me look". i gave them "i'm definitely not kidding".

my european co-workers, the ever cheerful and cheeky gals teased me that my husband has converted to become a muslim. he has taken on a second wife. hmmm...i have never thought of that in this perspective.

when i told the gals that the handyman or plumber had changed my kitchen faucet, they said that i have brought a plumber boyfriend home. gosh...can you believe this, they are so imaginative!

whenever any male customers insist on talking to me on loans and deposits, their tongues will start wagging. my co-worker who sits next to me could not stand them, she exclaimed that they are so "high school" very juvenile.

i usually smile at their comments. it's pointless correcting them. it is a waste of time. don't get me wrong they are fun loving and helpful gals but when they joke at your expense, they will go all out to get you. maybe, it is their culture. or they just need humour in their lives.
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At 10:34 PM, Blogger Jonathan

aiyoh... your colleagues are thinking of classic 70s/80s porn "plots". Not that i know though. hehee.