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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
exciting neighbourhood
life is boring around my neighbourhood until today. there is a bank near my apartment (not the bank which i am working) was robbed this morning. according to the news reporter, the suspect was a white man about 1.8m tall, wearing all black (trying to imitate jay zhou) took the money from the teller, bend down to pick up some fallen cash and fired a shot at the staff.

i wonder why he bend down and fired a shot. maybe he can aim better when he bend down or maybe he wants to avoid being captured by cctv. hmm.... but the trick didn't work. however, he managed to rob the bank.

next, an oil tanker skidded and overturned in seattle's busiest highway. the driver was not hurt but four lanes were closed and it could be closed for more than 6 hours. poor commuters! they have to make a huge detour to go to downtown seattle.

what an exciting day for me!
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