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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
"Caught A Virus Lately" Presentation
As part of the efforts to improve everyone's understanding of each other's work within the RDM organization, there is a series of brown bag presentations that are presented by subject matter experts (SMEs, or Schmeezs as we call them), and the whole effort is managed by the Release Business Process Owner.

Today was my turn to do the presentation, and my area of focus is obviously on Anti-Virus awareness and processes within the Release space. My laptop died on me during the weekend due to a known hardware problem, and was sent for repairs on Monday, with my draft slide deck on it. Oh well.. got my laptop back 2 hours before the presentation, and quickly compiled a few more slides, added some comics/graphics, external references and some internally published papers, and off i sent it out to the whole RDM org.

The presentation went pretty well, with some of the attendees asking some very good questions. Paul, who's managing the software security aspects for the group, was particularly interested in rootkit detections and spyware prevention. I've shared some additional info with him and the rest of the folks, and i think i completed the session just within the allocated time.

Feedback from the colleagues afterwards were pretty positive. A few of them asked for more information, which is good for the group as a whole i guess.
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