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Monday, April 25, 2005
bad things really come in threes
monday 9.30am, a customer walked to the bank. being the ever cheerful loan officer, i greeted the man and hope that it will be a pleasant transaction. that will never happen to me.

man : i hope you can solve my problem
me : how can i help you?
man : my house was robbed over the weekend
me : huh??? ( my thoughts : i am not a police leh)
man : i have filed a police report and i want you to close my account
me : showed man his account summary on my PC
man : those transactions are not authorized by me!!!!
me : (@*#?, early in the morning, ka nah this kind of customer). let me help you to file a dispute on these fraudulent transactions
man : that son of a *****, he robbed my house, stole my driver's ID and debit card and now making these transactions.
me : (meanwhile, filed the report, get the customer to sign on the report, cancelled his debit card and told him to contact me if he has any queries)
me : sir, we will investigate the matter and will note that you are not liable for the fraudulent transactions.
man : i know i will not be. i am not the thief. so, will you be catching the thief
me : huh??? i think the police will handle this matter. we will ensure that you are not liable for the unauthorized transactions.
man : well, the police said you are going to prosecute the thief.
me : (alamak, where got such thing).
me : our priority is to ensure that your account is safe. as for nabbing the thief, we will cooperate with the police if they need our assistance
man : (looks very disappointed). ok. i will withdraw $$$ from the tellers.
me : transaction ends at 11am

2pm, emailed to a car title department to check on the car registration plate number. needs to ensure that the car is in good condition before agreeing to refinance the car.

co-worker : the car plate number is too long
me : huh??? sure or not? damn suay man
me : called customer. customer said correct leh
me : emailed co-worker. confirmed the car plate number is correct
co-worker : pai seh, it's my fault
me : stupid ang moh.

10 minutes later,

me : the car is registered in tom and mary name. it is not tom and june. are you sure you have the correct names listed in the database
co-worker : really, let me check
co-worker : pai seh, it's my mistake again
me : na beh

5pm, a very nice customer came to my desk

old man : i have signed the document and we can update the company's name in the bank's record
me : ok, i can do it now
me : done, is there anything else i can assist you?
old man : i want to order cheques for my second checking account
me : ok. called the supplier and gave her the details i.e. account number, name, address blah blah blah
old man : thank you so much for your help.

meanwhile, i was talking to another customer when the supplier left a voicemail message for me.

supplier : hi, i have entered all the information you have given to me. however, i have ACCIDENTALLY DELETED the cheque order from the system. can you call me back, my ext is #2$! and i am located in Salt Lake City, Utah
me : NBCB
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At 5:13 AM, Blogger Jayaxe

Having gone through the service line before, I'm not surprised that you have to handle weird customers though the first man you mentioned is really out of this world!

But it's quite heartening to see that you're still talking the good ol' Singaporean way. Read also easy to unlerstan. Heh.


At 9:03 AM, Blogger sharon

thank you so much for your compliments.

i am teaching my co-workers singlish, hokkien, cantonese and malay. it is fun working with ang mohs.


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Jonathan

alamak... since when did ur colleague know how to use the phrase "paiseh"??


At 5:32 AM, Blogger Jayaxe

I can imagine them going 'bye say' instead of 'paiseh'!