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Sunday, April 10, 2005
bad luck follows me wherever i go
when i was in singapore. i often have run-ins with my ex-bosses. we don't agree on issues. from disagreement to compromise (of course i have to compromise), i was so sick and tired of arguments. i will never learn the trade of sucking up my bosses. it is so NOT me. perhaps, you think i should be more tactful in my approach when discussing issues with my bosses. i tried, but most of the times, i failed miserably.

jon says i am very stubborn. i want things done my way all the time. i agree and disagree. most of time, i do not agree with what the boss wants me to do but i will do it anyway for the sake of the job. perhaps, my stubborness is genetic. my father is a very stubborn person. he wants things done his way and his way is always the only way things work. however, as he mellow with age, he begins to see things in a different perspective.

anyway, back to my bad luck. just last week i have to handle three complaints.

a) wrong interest rate given by co-worker, thus giving customer false hope of refinancing his car loan at a lower interest rate. the situation was so tense i thought the customer would vent his frustrations on me. when did i become the punching bag for customers. so, to appease the customer, i have to apologise profusely and try to fix the problem.

b) wrong account number was printed on temporary checks. similarly, i have to apologise to customer and inform accounting department to honour those temporary checks which have been written and these checks should be debited from the correct customer's account. imagine, the embarrassment faced by the customer. very bad PR for the bank!

c) car title was sent to the wrong address thus causing ex-wife to be angry and disappointed with the bank's efficiency in handling customer's transactions (see entry on 8 and 9 april on angry customer)

maybe, it is the kind of job that i am doing which causes me to have bad luck. from marketing communications to customer service, these jobs are very customer oriented. i have to deal with media/customers daily and i have to solve their problems.

i should probably consider changing my line of work. any suggestions?
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