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Sunday, April 17, 2005
10 things i hate about you
jon and i, as usual have our cat fights and disagreements. thus, last night, we asked each other this question : what are the 10 things you hate about me.

here's my list about the 10 things i hate about jon. jon will give his hate list later.

1) lazy
2) untidy
3) slow
4) always ready to help his friends
5) always rely on me to take out the trash
6) does not wash his dishes or the dishes he wash was never clean
7) does not like to pick up his toys (books, CDs and DVDs)
8) does not do laundry
9) always flex his muscles in front of me (ai yoh, you are not arnold!)
10) does not prepare breakfast for me

this is so fun!
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At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Remarks on 1 & 3: he works too fast and too hardworking in the office, therefore, he acts the opposite when he has you around, he’s telling you “you are special, you are someone v close to him”.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

your list is quite different from what i observed in office when i worked with him.

he had the tidiest desk. and i agree with the other comment, that he worked very quicky and hardworking.

didnt get to see too much flexing of muscles then since he didnt have that much i think