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Sunday, March 20, 2005
first of our one year anniversary
In the first of a number of one year anniversaries, we had our first anniversary of our traditional wedding in Singapore.

How did we celebrate that? Well, i spent most of the day in our bed 8).

Still very sick.. it's like the usual combo of symptoms that i have in singapore = fever+sore throat+running nose+headache+cough+wheezing+asthma. By now, it's down to the cough and wheezing, which are interrelated to one another.

Well... this was quite an unexpected break from work. I was planning to take at least one or two days off just to stay home and rest, but i guess my body decided to go ahead without discussing it with my brain.

ps: one interesting note that i just realised was that our traditional wedding date is on YY's birthday. So, it's a happy birthday toYY, and Mamiko! 8)
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