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Friday, February 25, 2005
Welcome, my friend!!!!!!
A good friend is following our path to Redmond as well. Congrats, and definitely awaiting your arrival.

I know that she had tried many ways to get her, and i even tried to provide an almost definite route, but was cut by MegaBiaatch, or at least we were told that MegaBiaatch cut the relocation deal.

Ironically, with her current path, it still depends on MegaBiaatch to approve and allocate a budget for her to come here. AMAZINGLY, or perhaps, after realising that two different groups under her want to bring the SAME person over within 3 months, that she is indeed someone "powderful", as what some Singaporeans would proclaim.

So... should the good friend thank her when she is here? i wonder.

Annie wondered if it's indicative of Singapore's problem in retaining good people. Freedom of press is no longer that big of an issue. USA's neo-conservatives are ruling the roost right now, and media is starting to do self-censoring. Thank heavens for blogs that are now overtaking mass media!

For me, (sharon can jump in later), it's about a different pace of living, more opportunities and priorities. My short stint here already gave me an outlet that i would never have in Singapore.

I know of others that are planning to leave, or in the midst of leaving, that do so because they do not see a good future for the country, for their children, for themselves when they retire.

I was very tired last night, and went to bed straight after dinner, at about 8+pm. Sharon tried to wake me up a few times in the early phases but i just couldn't beat the sleep bug, or i would have join you all remotely in congratulating her.

So FRIEND, go start your own blog! Create a journal for you and your friends! Let your friends get updates from you! Let yourself document your thoughts and experiences! Even your constant moody swings!

Who's NEXT? Don't ask me. You all are there, and should be able to sniff that out yourself! All i can say is there's someone else.
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At 9:38 PM, Blogger AcidFlask

hear, hear.