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Friday, November 05, 2004
some memorable colleagues along the way
in the same style as my previous post, i'm going just jot down some quick notes about some of my colleagues along the way.

michael - cool guy, always in control under pressure, playboy 80
colin - nice guy. too bad he passed away in his early thirties.
peter - good old reliable guy. always can be depended on.
len - a gay american, not sure where he is now anyway
update: forgot about this guy too: andy - almost the same as anythinggoh. super borchap person.
tri - though not in my immediate team, a very nice guy to be with. he was the one that started me on my bodybuilding thingy.
noi - hardworking girl, but always get targetted by her managers. not sure why.
jube - another hardworking girl, she's a steady bom-pi-pi lady!
yy - initial impression - supertalkative lady. so much so i gave her a label - auntie, that stayed till now. needs to build up more on her language skills and expressions. perhaps her own blog might help?
anythinggoh - the world's no. 1 super heck-care person. she reminded me of dilbert's good buddy. 8)
b - like her name, always get bullied.
steve - misunderstood by others, but getting on better now.
randy - more of a mentor than a colleague. he was the one that trained me on AV for the last few years, as well as being the real relocation specialist for me. Furthermore, he left his job for me to pick up. What more can i say?
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