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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Photostory work and updates

I've been playing so much with Photo Story 3 that i've not been updating the blog.

A few things to note about:

  • my trip is confirmed.
    - no other changes unless someone willing to pay US$100 to change my air tickets
    - i've sent out emails to all the people that needs to know 8)
  • my new manager has announced my job change
    - i'll forward it on afterwards
  • eBaying
    I've sold enough of my older toys that i can definitely get a Xbox. But i won't. Now i'm thinking of getting a digital video camera just to play with Movie Maker 2.
  • Two of my best buddies will be on leave when i'm in Singapore
  • Meeting up with a bodybuilder in Singapore
    Arranged a session with a real bodybuilder in Singapore. He has been in a few contests. Cool.
  • New record in leg press
    I finally went past my previous personal best of 450 lbs. Now it's 500 and above. 8)
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