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Friday, November 05, 2004
Oops! I did it again!
Ha Ha Ha!!! I did it again. I failed my driving test. I did well in parallel parking, stopping near a curb and others but I hit the curb thrice when I back to a corner or reverse to a corner. The examiner was so nice she gave me three chances to re-do the task. But, I was a letdown.

I cried because of my stupidity and the ordeal I have to go through again two weeks later. My next test is scheduled on 19 Nov 04. I wonder whether I will pass.

It's easier for me to learn office tools/application than driving. I certainly don't have the skill/knack for driving. If I don't have a driver's licence I will be subject to social stigma. How can anyone not pass driving? How can anyone not achieve something which is so simple? How can I be so stupid!!! I failed again and again. What is wrong with me???!!!
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