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Monday, November 15, 2004
Coupons and Rebates
Another thing that Sharon and i, and some of my singaporean colleagues, have noticed is the usage of rebates and coupons for their shopping.

Last week, Safeway, the supermarket chain, sent us two coupons that we can use for an instant 10 dollars rebate upon a 50 dollars purchase.

Sharon has a Safeway membership card, that already give pretty good discounts on most of the items. Ontop of the member discounts, we get another 10 dollars off.

We thought we were so good in that on our receipt that our savings were about 15 dollars in total. Super good, amazing, smart.

On Sunday, on a show that i cant even remember now, there was a spotlight on this lady that is the queen of rebates and coupons. She was filmed at a supermarket with a subtotal of 130+ dollars, and then with all her rebates and coupons, she only needed to pay like 5 dollars, of which 2 dollars are for taxes.

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