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Monday, October 11, 2004
tv programs - desperate housewives and boston legal
desperate housewives

i have a good reason to stay home on sunday night. on abc channel at 9pm, desperate housewives begin their journey to sort out their messy lives. four beautiful housewives, each has different needs. we all have different needs. one needs a man, the other has a man who is not understanding and wants a divorce, one has four kids and need help to manage them and the last one has money, looks but wants attention from her husband.

the program is like 'sex and the city' - the housewife version. teri hatcher, superman's girlfriend in 'lois and clark' stars in this program. what attracts me to this show is - it is so unreal. there is more to life than getting men's attention and looking pretty. these folks do not worry about work, money, mortgage, car and medical insurance etc etc. if only the scriptwriter asks my contributions. i would give the characters more substance.

boston legal

if you like 'the practice' and 'ally mcbeal', 'boston legal' in abc channel at 10pm is another of david e. kelley's creation. the program is humourous with lots of new faces and one has-been. it is not dramatic like 'the practice' and it not ridiculous like 'ally mcbeal'.

william shatner from 'star trek' stars as denny crane who believes he is the guru in his firm and in the legal profession. his senior partners are trying to get rid of him and encourage him to make mistakes so that he will be forced to leave. but danny crane will not be defeated so easily. he manages to impress the judges with his ridiculous arguments and the senior partners have to find other ways to get rid of him.

james spader, another lead actor in the show is a hang loose lawyer. he is wooing his co-worker while his ex psycho girlfriend is stalking him. he impressed his co-workers and judges with his excellent reasoning skills and he is always calm and collected.

david e. kelley is counting on these two lawyers to add more zest and trouble to series thereby upping the ratings.
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