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Monday, October 11, 2004
So... WTF am i going to do next?
Randy Abrams, my si-fu in AV, has left the PRS team since August 27.

If you guys remembered, Sharon and I were in Vancouver BC that week, so i didn't really get to do much of a transition.

Before Randy left, he recommended me to his management and i guess that they all agreed that with my 3 years+ of hands on, back-up, and regional coverage, that i was the right person to do it.

When my ex-manager asked me about going to replace Randy, i immediately accepted the offer.

From that point onwards, it was just a matter of checking with Legal, on whether i can change my job so quickly after a relocation (please take notice of this point). Once that path is cleared, a quick round of interviews and i've accepted the offer.

Now all it takes is to go through the transition. The Singapore visit will actually be part of my transition plan.

My new title? AV Engineer i think. Out of the lab, but still linked to it.

I'll be reporting to John Mason.

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