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Friday, October 29, 2004
Photostory 3: what are you waiting for?
One of the best end user ever software from Microsoft is the latest Photo Story 3. With a slight nod to iMovies, this software is creating waves of joy with people within the company as well as outsiders.

I got to play with the prior version, Photo Story 2, on the Digital Image Suite 10 that i loved, but PS2 always gave me a sense of ... "if only it can do .....". Well, PS3 practically covered all my feature requests, and more.

The best thing about it is that it's FREE. All you need is to let the website authenticate that you have a legal copy of Windows, and you're good to go!

I created a few versions of a photo slideshow that consist of photos of Sharon and myself on the final day in Singapore in April, till now. A 8-10 minute slideshow that's filled with music, text, voice messages that dictate some of the photos and various automatic transitions that seem to know where or what the photos contain.

Try it out! Download your copy of Photo Story 3 now!

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