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Friday, October 15, 2004
phone interview and office interview
i had a phone interview on wednesday and an office interview this afternoon from the same company. the branch supervisor was supposed to interview too but she was busy. so, the hr officer will arrange another interview for me to meet the branch supervisor next wednesday.

actually, i have met her. she is fat and beautiful. i hope i can get the job even though it is just part time. the hr officer was worried that if i am chosen for the job, i will not stay long or will not enjoy it because it is customer service.

hmm..., very tricky question, i must thread carefully. i told her that my marketing and pr experience will value add to the job and makes it easy for me to take on the role. i also told her that this is my first working experience in usa. i am not here to look for a perfect job. i am here to look for a job which i know i can take on the challenges.
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