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Monday, October 25, 2004
my first day at work
i thought my first day at work will be a very boring day. but it is not so. the hr manager paste a white piece of paper with my name on it on the corridor and staircase in bellevue office. it's one of the ways to inform staff that they have a new kid on the block. better behave! the staff at bellevue branch are friendly. i met the person who opened jon's account when we arrived on the 2nd day to washington. she was surprised that i have joined the bank.

the hr manager briefed me on the history, philosophy, work ethnics and working hours. she was so thorough. i have never met a hr manager who spent the WHOLE DAY with me patiently going through all the necessary info i need to know. she wants to make sure i am comfortably settled in my new job. i sure am.

my branch supervisor, trainer, hr manager and i had lunch together. it was a welcome lunch for me. so TOUCH! and when i entered the pantry/lunch room, they put up a poster stating "Welcome Sharon". Very very TOUCH! how come singapore companies don't do that at all!

everyone is so friendly, i felt so at home. time passed and i did not take any notice at all. by 4.30pm, the hr manager told me i could go home. can you believe this? i started working at 10am and i can leave at 4.30pm.

from 26 oct to 5 nov 04, i will be having intensive training with my trainer and other co-workers. my working hours will be 9am to 5pm.

from 7 nov 04, i will be working on mon (11am to4pm), thur (11.15am to 3.15pm), fri (11am to 4.00pm) and sat (9.45am to 4pm)

on my first day, i have even signed up for culture I and II classes to improve on customer service skills. how cool is that!

i hope i will enjoy working there.
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