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Friday, October 08, 2004
my bad luck
my bad luck seems to be following me wherever i go. i have a hard time finding a job in singapore. and when i do, i will change job within a year to two. i made a very wrong career move in june 2001. i should not have taken up the regional job. three months later, i was retrenched. the salary was good and so was the benefits but there was no job security. 3 days after i was retrenched, 9/11 took place. by the way, the parent company of the regional job is a usa firm.

americans mourned for their loss, i mourned for my loss too. from june 2000, my luck hit further south. i thought the bad luck bug will stop in singapore but guess what? it followed me to usa. after sending more than 200 resumes, i am still jobless. i admit defeat.

if death helps to solve problems, i would have done that long time ago. if i choose that path, what will happen to me in the 'other world'. i could be happier or sadder. but i am not taking chances.

jon said maybe i am destined to be a housewife. i don't want to be a maid here. it is boring and i don't like a no-brainer job.
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