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Saturday, October 23, 2004
more shopping
jon was on a shopping spree last week as he needed new clothes to fit his skinny new look. Yep, he has lost more than 10 kg and 14 inches around his waist. he was so pleased with his new look, he shopped at old navy for more than 2 hours and Big K Mart for 1 hour.

jon: did i shop for that long?? for once it's MY turn to shop while Sharon's waiting for me. I bought a typical US sweater and a pair of jeans in K Mart at a big discount, and another pair of jeans, 1 medium sized t-shirt (amazing), 1 large sweater that i'll use for my gym workouts in the colder months (like now), and a long sleeve shirt that i'll bring to Singapore to wear. That made the donating of my older t-shirts to charity felt a lot better than it is.

as for me, i am pleased that i have gone down 3 sizes smaller from size 14 to size 8. i have never worn a single digit size pair of jeans/pants/skirt in my life. this is certainly a very good feeling.

i shopped at gap, ann taylor, bon marche, jc penny, nordstrom, express and limited. i bought two knitted blouses, and three pants. my total damage was USD66.00 or S$110.66. i think it is worth it.

we will do more shopping tomorrow!
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