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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Leaving Chicago
Today was the last day in Chicago. We went out for a quick bite just before we left. The temperature was about 7 degrees Celsius, and the wind was blowing very heavily.

Packed our stuffs and were on our way to the Chicago O'Hare Airport. Sharon went to the American Airlines to check in, while I was at the Alaska Airlines booth.

Suddenly Sharon was right next to me. She told me that the travel agency booked her to leave on the 5th! Holy shit.

We tried various ways to resolve this:
- Called the American Airlines Reservations and was told the current direct flight was already overbooked. No connecting flights either. The next available one was tomorrow, and the one-way ticket was > US500. Yucks.

Called the Reservations for Alaska too. The next available filght was at US495 bucks. Yucks too.

By this time, we were quite nervous. I was to be checked in within 50 mins.

I tried to see if there was any wireless network around so that I can check some last minute travel sites. Bummer as there was only a secured network.

Sharon called Barbara but she was in a supermarket. Bummer.

We called Carol, Randy's wife, and asked her to check for some info. She was able to recommend Sharon to check out Frontier and American West, and provided the 1800 numbers to call.

Sharon called Frontier. There was a flight at 6:55pm today and the price of the ticket was about US130! She confirmed the departing airport was O'Hare for three times, and Denise, the operator that was servicing the call, confirmed that the flight F9 was to depart from O'Hare.

After the booking was done, we went to look for the correct terminal to check Sharon in, since O'Hare has multiple terminals. SHOCKINGLY, there was no decks for Frontier! Told Sharon to check with the Frontier Reservations again, and another operator now told her that the flight was to depart from the other airport in Chicago!

Sharon ordered the operator to cancel the flight, since they misrepresented the flight. We'll follow-up with a formal complaint on this after we get back.

She called American West, and booked a ticket for a 4:55PM flight at about US125 bucks. Cheaper and nearer to my flight which departs at 3:50PM. It was a indirect flight to Phoenix and then to Seattle. It will be almost 11pm before she is back in Seattle.

When this was settled, Sharon and I went our own ways, she to Terminal 2, and I going through the security checks.

By the time I reached the departing gate, they were already boarding passengers. Just made it!


By the time we reached home, it was probably Sunday morning, and we made some instant noodles for our supper.

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