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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
first attempt at driving test - FAILED
admittedly, i was a bit rattled this morning as it was raining and lao instructor came early to bring me to the driving centre. secondly, my stomach was not feeling well. not sure whether it was due to my breakfast or the sleeping pills i took last night.

i was so psyched up for the test, i was hoping i will pass but the tiny inner voice told me that i won't. was this self-prophecy or having no confidence?

i was doing alright backing out of the driving lot. it's the parallel parking which killed the test. i hit the curb. and when i try to straigthen the wheels, the examiner thought i was trying to get back to traffic. she thought i was careless by not turning on the turn signal and looking over my shoulder before i drove out. i had no intention of getting into the traffic. that was an immediatle failure.

i thought i could salvage the situation by showing the examiner i could do better in driving. but i think she didn't want to sit in the same car with me for too long. so, she asked me to drive back to the driving centre.

lao instructor was very kind. she wanted to explain the situation to the examiner. but i told her not to. if the examiner is a bitch, she will bitch to her colleagues about me and lao instructor. the licensing staff would probably thought lao instructor was trying to protect her student. i don't want the staff to bitch about her and me. it will probably ruin her reputation as her students were not well trained to take the test.

at one point, the examiner asked me whether i have problems understanding her because i had just passed a white car which she asked me to stop beside the car so that i could do parallel parking. i knew it was an insult as most examiners perceived asians do not speak or understand english well. i didn't want to snap at her but told her i understood well.

i have taken almost 20 lessons with lao instructor and 10 lessons from carol. 30 driving lessons and yet i could not pass the test. maybe, i am just stupid. i am so ashamed of myself. i am not angry at the examiner. i am just tired of getting myself prepared for another test.

now that i know the sequence, i really hope i can pass in the next test. this time, i will inform the examiner to speak clearly and slowly. yeah, just treat me like a dumb asian who does not understand english well. my aim is to pass the test period.
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