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Monday, October 11, 2004
when it comes to criticism, do you accept it graciously or do you feel there is a need to be defensive. i suppose it depends on the issue.

i sent my resume to a pr expert in new york hoping that he can circulate my resume to his business associates or friends who need a marketing or marketing communications staff either in an entry level or executive position. by the way, i don't know the pr expert. i happened to read his blog and found that he has very interesting credentials.

he replied to my email stating that he did not know anyone in seattle or washington. he candidly told me that companies will only hire local pr people. he told me to remain upbeat in my search and criticise my writing skills.

i chose to be humble and accept his criticism. if he had criticised my writing skills two years ago, i would have been defensive. but now, my views has changed. why?

a pr expert whom i do not know bothers to give me tips on job hunting and tells me to improve my resume so that i have greater chance of getting a job. why should i be defensive? i should be grateful that a stranger bothers to read my email and resume, spend time crafting a reply and hoping that i will get a job soon.

i suppose before you get angry over someone's criticism of your work, spend some time to analyze his/her comments, you will probably accept his/her criticism graciously.

it's the same as driving. lao auntie always criticise my driving. i'm kind of numb by her criticism. i just want to prove to myself that i can overcome any difficulties in my life.

however, getting a job is definitely not within my control. i am at the mercy of my future employer.
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