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Thursday, October 14, 2004
American Top Model
If you have watched the first season of American Top Model and find that women are bitchy and unreasonable. Wait till you see season three. There are four African Americans, the shortest one is the loudest and most annoying candidate. She is so full of herself. There is an interesting. candidate who has night blindness. Infact, she will be totally blind in five years' time. I was sympathetic to her initially. But after watching two episodes, i realised she is a bitch too.

I love watching a group of women who are confident in getting the coveted title 'American Top Model'. Their cat fight and bitchiness remind me of the working world. Jon says none of the candidates is beautiful. Models are not beautiful, they must know how to hide their flaws and present their best to the clients and audiences. They must exude a sense of confidence.

There is one plus size candidate. She has good skin and is quite photogenic. I know she will not win but this is a good platform for plus size agencies to notice her.

As these candidates are in their early or mid twenties, they are not intellect. They are so shallow in their thinking, it makes me wonder whether they have completed their high school education. Have they ever worked before? However, one of them is a harvard graduate and she plays her game well. Just observe and stay away from troublemakers.

I hope there is a Singapore Top Model so that women who aspire to be models are given a chance to prove that they can.
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