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Sunday, September 12, 2004
We own a car now!
Today, we went to visit Paul and Barbara in Everett. Another long drive up an unknown path, but i think we're getting better in terms of driving through long stretches of highway, and providing navigation information.

We stopped using the inbuilt CD player too, as CDs can only play for so long before we get bored. I got a radio transmitter connected to my creative zen nx player, and have my own radio station! Aint it cool?

Paul helped me to preselect a few cars, and after a very sumptous lunch made by both of them, we headed out to look for used cars. He had quite a task since we told him our budget would be about US 4000 dollars.

Our Car!

Barbara actually found this car, on one of her drives through the neighbourhood. It is a 1999 Chevy Prisim car, and was previously owned by an Urkraine couple. The posted price was US 3800, while the recommended selling price for such a car was in the US 4000+ range.

Since we are absolute beginners in cars (driving and ownership), Paul helped us to check through the internals, engines, brakes while we took a quick look at the very clean exteriors. He also helped to get an absolute minimum of US 3500 from the owner.

A quick drive around felt good. We decided to take a look at other cars before we make our decision though. However, after a luckless drive around some used car lots, we decided to get this car.

Sharon asked for a further reduction. It was agreed to be US 3400. The check was made, and we drove the car away immediately back to Paul's premises.

It's still at his place now, for some expert tuning up. I hope to get it back once i come back from the Chicago trip in about 2 weeks time. The rental car's due to be returned just before my trip too, so all the timing is absolutely perfect.

A few more *real* photos of the car are available.
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