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Saturday, September 25, 2004
we are sick
jon is having a very bad backache. it has happened before and it is back with greater intensity. i applied ointment on his back but we are just treating the symptom and not the root of the problem. after two days of enduring the pain, he could not walk straight and walking is stressful for him.

he suggested calling chiropractors. i called several chiropractors on a saturday morning and i was referred to their voicemail. finally, i managed to contact one chiropractor who has left his cell phone number in his recording message. i am very grateful that he agreed to meet us in such a short notice. the chiropractor is patient and gave jon several tips of taking care of his spine.

while jon is recovering, i am down with flu and fever. i think this is a vicious cycle. when your spouse is sick, you take care of him/her and you fall sick while looking after him. but we will be well in no time.

a word of advice for those who plan to stay USA for a long while. understand your body, take good care of yourself, eat well, have regular exercise and learn to self-medicate. it is always good to have some medical knowledge.

the health care cost here is really expensive. one consultation costs between USD150 to 250. that does not include medicine and X-ray. it is good to know that jon's company provide full health care insurance coverage. if not, we will have to pay him with our miserable savings.
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