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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Question asked - My bizarre answer
Someone asked me how i can be on friendly terms with everyone. My instant response was "since when was i friendly?", and "everyone??"?

I would like to think that i'm a truthful person most of the times, and represented myself as such most of the times. Most of the con jobs were done in the army. Nuff said. 8) Since i was conned 30 months out of my life, my thinking was that i conned them back as much as i could, and i think i succeeded in doing that.

However, that place (among others) taught me one thing, or like the X-Files slogan, Trust No One. It wasn't that bad in most instances, but when situations dictate that you need to be careful, you choose the right people to be with.

Be aware of what people are doing. Be aware of what people are not doing. Be aware. Some people you know you can trust, some you know you can never trust, so why bother?

Back to the question. I'll try to answer it in a logical manner.

How can u be friendly with everyone?
Define friendly
if definition is not established
- friendly can be a Hi, Thank You, SAY NO MORE, even OI!
- friendly can be tons of FW: emails full of rubbish, signifying nothing
- friendly is what other people perceive. I could just be playing with them.

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