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Monday, September 13, 2004
Open Interview
I went to an open interview for a customer service job in a Spa Salon. I arrived at the office 45 minutes early. I was the first candidate to be interviewed. There were 15 candidates (12 whites, 2 blacks and 1 chi-na) interviewing for the same job. Well, there are 8 vacancies for this position. The interview lasted 3 minutes. My interview was interrupted by a co-worker as the room was booked for another meeting.

I wonder how much will the interviewer knows about me within 3 minutes. It was so unfair. We took more than 45 minutes to get the office and all I received was 3 minutes of her time. I didn't even have the opportunity to ask about the job much less about the company.

Maybe, I should not go to interview too early. Life Sucks!
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