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Friday, September 17, 2004
Open Interview - The Verdict
As expected, I didn't get the job. I won't say that it is their loss but I know I was treated unfairly during the interview. A 3-minute interview can't tell much about the interviewee. Congrats to those who snagged the job. It will be fun to undergo 9 days fully paid training.

I went for another interview in a recruitment company. As usual, you repeat the same story on why you have been relocated here and sat on more skills tests. Surprisingly, I did well for the tests. I scored over 80 for excel and word. I wonder whether there is a bug in the PC. I am definitely not good in excel and word. I skipped and given wrong replies to alot of questions. It's not that I don't have faith in myself. I am practical in my expectations. If I know I don't do well in an assignment, I will find solutions to solve it. If all else fail, ask for help.

Anyway, back to job search. What's new?
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