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Thursday, September 23, 2004
job fair in downtown bellevue
barbara and i waited anxiously for more than one week to attend this job fair. to my disappointment, i was not impressed and felt it was a total waste of time. barbara felt that the job situation had certainly improved as 17 companies participated in this sales and marketing job fair and all of them were recruiting sales people.

there is nothing wrong with sales jobs. in fact, i look up to sales people. they are always chirpy and have a positive outlook in life. they are high energy people. but i don't think i take up the challenge. i prefer to work indoors and not outdoors. i don't mind doing sales support work but not sales. it's not my forte.

i have been searching for jobs for more than 3 months but i could not find a job which matches my skills and experience. is my kind of job extinct or does the employer feel that i am not good enough for him/her?
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