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Thursday, September 23, 2004
insurance job interview
every month, i will receive more two calls or emails inviting me to be an insurance agent. i was not interested untill i attended the insurance briefing of american income life insurance (ail) this afternoon.

it is a very interesting outfit. they have a ready based customers waiting for insurance agents to sell them supplemental life products or life insurance to trade unions, credit unions and trade associations members.

during the presentation, i was drawn to the large amount of money pay out to the members or their spouses in the event an accident happened. for example, when a member or spouse or their kid is hospitalised, ail will foot the hospitalization fee daily upto a certain amount until the patient is discharged. in the meantime, the member or spouse will be given a sum of money to compensate for their loss of income while looking after the patient.

if the insurance agent works hard to get 5 people to sign up for the life insurance plan, his or her take home pay per week for could be USD600. by the way, ail pays weekly to its employees. so, in essence, if you work hard, you reap the rewards. unfortunately, in this business, even if you work hard, you don't see the results immediately. people will reject the offer more frequently than accepting it.

in america, every family has more than 2 insurance policies. would they care to have more. if so, they will have less personal income. unless, you are rich, you would not mind getting more insurance. if you are rich, wouldn't you be investing your money in stocks and shares and not insurance. you would have problably appointed a financial advisor/fund manage to manage your assets.

not sure whether i am keen to up the job but it is interesting - for now. or rather, in desperate times, you are too eager to get a job than to care about whether the job is really suitable for you.
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