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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
in between all these
during the worst outbreak of my back (or should it be spine) problem, and just before my chicago trip, i was kinda overloaded with tons of stuff, for example:

- x-ray of my lower back, neck, spine
- examination of my x-rays (it wasn't a pretty site that's for sure)
- chiropractic treatment
- 1st part of my formal interview process for my new cheese
- That big Release tool 3.1 UAT - i've completed my testing - considered the QA failed
- That big lab tool UAT - stuck at the first icon for hours - failed too
- Review submission - a new Committments thing which raised some more efforts to complete
- another session of chiropractic treatments
- 2nd part of my formal interview process for my new cheese
- some other project that i can't say (oops.. did i say it?)
- print mse monitoring (thank goodness nothing came in!)

my team was kinda understrength at the moment as:

- i'm in chicago
- one colleague is out for 3-6 weeks
- another colleague is on urgent leave
- another colleague is on leave

so the team that needs to work from 7am-11pm have to come up with very creative ways of maintaining the coverage, and i think with a bunch of good folks, we are getting that done.
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