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Friday, September 24, 2004
a good deed
in bellevue, when you take a bus, you have to pay USD1.25 for bus fare during non peak hours. the ticket or transfer allows you to re-use the ticket within 90 minutes or more on the same day.

i took a bus to my stupid job interview (why stupid, see story below) at 2.45pm and the ticket expiry time was 4.30pm. this means that i can re-use the ticket within two and half hours. how nice. i don't have to spend money on transport.

so, after i left my stupid job interview at 3.06pm, i boarded the bus at 3.30pm (yes, you have to wait approx. 25 minutes for the next bus to arrive) and reached jon's office at 3.40pm.

i left the office at 3.55pm and met a middle eastern woman waiting for bus. i took out my ticket and gave it to her. the ticket was still valid till 4.30pm. i told her she did not have to pay for bus fare if she take my ticket. she was puzzled by my gesture but i gave it to her and walked away. when i turned my head, i saw that she was smiling at me.

i may have a stupid job interview but at least i helped someone today.
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