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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Feeling a lot better / In Chicago
The last few days of constant chiropractic treatment at the chiropracter's, and ice treatment at home, had helped to cut down about 80% of the pain. I was pleasantly surprised that the four hour+ ride from Sea-Tac to Chicago didn't cause any troubles.

Checked into the Fairmont after some initial difficulties. Perhaps the receptionist didn't like us, and told us that my booking was from tomorrow onwards. No way! I've faxed the reservation (which had no responses), and Sharon did a phone check last night and confirmed it.

The gal went into the room and "checked" with her manager, and came out with a "okay.. they changed the date" and checked us in. Hooray..... cause we're at the 34th floor, with a pretty good view of a main street.

Went around to grab some food, and the two of us came across this rather old classic restaurant at one of the street corner. It had pretty good food, though the proprietator was a little bit strict with his system, but Sharon raised a chuckle or two out of him 8)!
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