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Saturday, September 11, 2004
The Fair
Looks like Spiderman needs to go on a diet here!

With a pair of free tickets from one of my colleagues, we printed out the directions to Puyallup, and off we went into one of the biggest fun fairs in USA.

The drive itself was i think the longest ever we drove on our own. Each way was more than 45 minutes driving, that's without any looping or missed turns! 8)

When we reached the main street of Puyallup, there was a lot of people on the side of the road waving banners and flags to attract the drivers to park their cars at their site.

Moo Moo 2

The nearer to The Fair, the more expensive it was. I chose a mid-range of $5, and parked the rental car.

A short walk and we're in! There was a pretty interesting performance by the Gentlemen Jugglers. Throughout the fair, there were performances by country folks and hillbillies. Gee, ain't it fun?

There were tons of burger stands, corn dogs, chowders, food, rides, rides, and more rides. There were cat shows, sheeps, petting zoos, pigs, cows etc.


The best part for me was the collections exhibitions. There on exhibit were personal collections ranging from Beatles records, Superman collectibles, Star Wars, Frankenstiens, Hardy Boys etc. I think in a few years time, i can join them in showing off my Crayon Shinchan collection, of coz, with the help of other people. *wink wink blink blink say no more*

By the tine we got back, we were dead tired!zzzzzzzz More photos and videos available.
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