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Monday, September 13, 2004
an exhilarating driving lesson
i'm not sure whether my instructor has alot of faith in me, herself or both of us. she told me to drive to bellevue square(bs), a downtown shopping mall for its residents. there are three routes to bs. we took the longest and safest route. along the way, she pointed out the building where her daughter works. i was really envious. i want a job!!!

traffic was light and there was no hiccups. that's because it's 10am in the morning and the morning peak hour has passed. i wonder how i fare during peak hours. better not think about it. i will definitely be a road hazard because i am good at it. it takes me three lessons to turn changing lanes. such a slow learner.

10 minutes before the lesson ends, my instructor told me to drive along the highway. i nearly freak out. i was going 50m.p.h. which is about 70km per hour. i will definitely get a ticket in singapore if i drive at this speed. my instructor told me i was too slow as the speed requirement was 60m.p.h. i did not make it far as my instructor said the short highway trip was just a teaser. i will have more practice on wednesday. i enjoy the cheap thrills. i certainly look forward to it.

i must overcome the fear to turning lanes, making left turns and driving on highway.
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