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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
con job
ok, it's confirmed. i do not have split personality. i was net surfing for a job and ended up taking a personality test online. the results showed that i am depressed. what's new. i am depressed because i don't have a job.

anyway, i went to meet this counselor who evaluated my results. she was nice and told me that i need to break through this depressing barrier so that i can view things positively. hey, i don't need a counselor to tell me that. i need to know how to break through. here's the catch, attend this seminar for USD50 and you will be able to find the right methods to think positively and my outlook in life will be wonderful.

so, i need to spend USD50 to learn and apply this method in order to feel positive. what if i still feel depressed after the course. i didn't ask her the question but i feel that this is really a con job. i told the counselor i didn't want to attend the seminar as i am not working i.e. no money. she told me to reconsider and call her later. maybe, her intent is sincere, that is, she really want to help me. but i still think this is a con job and i was conned to buy a book at USD5.00. i felt trapped in the situation, but i still did not agree to attend the seminar.

picture this, you invite net surfers to take a free test and then you trap them to attend a seminar for a fee. that's marketing gimmick. similarly, there is a book company in singapore which publishes children's storybooks. they tapped on kindergarden database and send these books to parents, inviting them to keep the books for 30 days. imagine, your children see these books and they love it. here's the catch, if parents do not return the books after 30 days, they will have to pay for the books. this marketing gimmick is good.

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