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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
another lousy phone interview
i seemed to get alot of bad/lousy phone interviews lately. at 12 noon this afternoon, i received a call from a non profit organisation. the caller/interviewer wanted to speak to me for 15 minutes on my job application for a pr position in the non profit organisation. as usual, i was elated. i described about my job, the projects i have done and went on to explain on my liaison with the local press. he seemed interested initially and suddenly he said "ok, i think i have no more questions, do you have questions for me?". i was surprised that he interrupted my narration of my projects. i was at a loss momentarily and was pissed off with his interruption.

well, he either gets the gist of my work history and not impressed about it or he could not be bothered. anyway, i was taken aback by his VERY RUDE behaviour. i believe he is the communications manager of the non profit organisation. never mind the job, but his PR skills sucks BIG TIME. in fact, he has negative PR. i am just surprised that the non profit organisation still employ him. hmm...maybe he is cheap labour. i believe he is.

i am definitely not optimistic of the outcome. i will wait for the rejection letter in the mailbox. what's new?
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