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Friday, September 17, 2004
3 hours of driving lesson
carol, my friend is kind enough to keep giving me extra driving lessons despite her tight work schedule. this afternoon, i drove for 3 hours to unfamiliar places. i kept going in circles but i was not afraid that i would be lost. not sure why, i just don't have panic attack.

in the first hour, everything went well, except i nearly collided with a white van when i tried to turn to a left lane. believe me, i have checked carefully before i changed lane. but i don't why i didn't see the white van. of course, the driver was angry but i could not see his reaction. hmm...i have better to more alert. the good news is i was not spooked.

two hours later, it was pouring heavily. it could be a spillover from hurricane ivan from florida. i could not see the road in front of me. the wipers were cleaning the windscreen frantically but i still could not see well and the road in front of me was a total blur. suddenly a car honked at me. i didn't know he was honking at me till carol reminded me that i have to drive faster. how can i drive fast in the heavy downpour. so, carol advised me to move to the left lane. i did, to allow all irate drivers to pass me.

i was not angry at them but i hope they understand driving fast in heavy rain is a stupid idea. i know they are experienced drivers and they are road warriors. big deal.

a few minutes later, a pickup hit a red car and traffic was building up behind them. i hope it was not one of those irate drivers. if so, it's their fault and they deserve it.
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