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Monday, August 16, 2004
Weekend Bravery
Sharon and I were very brave during the weekend. We basically just shout out a name of a place, go to Mappoint and print out the instructions, and off we went!

Saturday, we went to North Bend Factory Stores, which is a collection of factory outlets with pretty good prices. It was the furtheest that we went on our own on our car. Though we did have a few minor loop-da-loops due to not 100% clear instructions from Mappoint.

I think i need to get Streets and Trips to do offline searches soon.

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Sunday, we went to the Issaquah. WA, and bumped into a Classic Chevrolets show near the Triple XXX drive in. Nope. It's not an adult themed place, but a classic american hamburger/root beer eating house! We enjoyed looking at the great classic cars, and had some photos taken too.
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