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Saturday, August 28, 2004
Vacation day 5: On the way back / Palm IIIxe's still working
Friday August 27th

We are at the Pacific Central station waiting for our Greyhound bus as i'm typing this.

We repeated our lunch routine at the same stalls, despite the rude behaviour and the distance. Good food will make people forgive others for such rudeness, or maybe because we are really deprived of good chinese food!

I want to talk about how great the Palm IIIxe is. I have the Palm IIIxe since 2000, and it have acompanied me through my many trips around the world, helping me to keep track of official expenses and personal purchases, exchange rates, maps, notes etc. The best accessory that i've bought for the PDA was this Portable Keyboard that i'm typing all these with. You can't expect me to use Graffiti to write all these text down! The keyboard, in its folder state, is just about the size of the PDA. When unfolded, it has a full size keyboard, which helps a lot with my typing.

Even though the PDA craze has come and gone, the colors, multimedia, expansion, connectivity capabilities of the new models are all nice to have, but i can practically do everything that i need to with this old gadget. Yeah, this does not have the ability for me to post all these blogs in real time, but blogs are not a matter of life and death.

If you have a old and ignored Palm IIIxe, or if you know anyone that have one lying around, check if it's possible to pass the grand old dame to me. With my set of tools and software, i can easily port all my current PDA's software and data over to a spare one.
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