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Monday, August 30, 2004
Things Are Looking Up - I hope
Three recruiters called me before my Vancouver trip. I was ecstatic. I began to feel that things are really looking up. I hope.

Recruiter 1 - Apparel Wholesaler
I spoke to the recruiter this morning. I told her my working experience in Singapore and she seemed impressed. She will pass on my name to the recruitment manager for her to arrange an on-site interview. I wonder whether my working experience matches with the job description. I doubt so. They were looking for account executive to manage their clients and upp the sales revenues. We'll see.

Recruiter 2 - Prepaid Legal Services
I called him this morning but he was too busy to chat with me. He will call me again. I don't recall applying a job in a legal firm. But he said he found my resume in monster.com. Okay, I will wait for his call.

Recruiter 3 - Financial Services
Wow, this guy is really interested to interview me. He left two voicemail messages. When I found out he wanted to recruit a candidate to promote insurance, bonds, shares and the whole works. I told him I was not interested. How can a newbie like me get clients to invest. I don't even have a driving license let alone getting clients to invest in financial products.

Are things really looking up for me? We'll see.

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