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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
So bored!
Be bored over a long period of time can make one moody and short tempered. That's what happen when one does not have a goal in life or is not working. You have so much free time, you do not know what to do. Reading, watching DVDs, television programmes and cleaning the house seem very boring.

I tried to psyche myself to be positive but there is no incentive to do so. Everyday, I dread waking up, thinking of how to fill time. I really wonder how the other foreign wives manage their time. I have met a few women (my neighbours) who have children and seem to have their hands full in taking care of them.

Having children will not solve my 'sianness' issue. I love to play with kids. But I don't want to have them. I will be an overprotective mother dominating their lives.

Taking up a hobby like arts and crafts, sewing and gardening is definitely not my style. I have tried them in school and failed miserably.

I wonder what am I good at. I drive insistently, sometimes scaring the instructor and I was shocked by my actions. Believe it, I am a road hazard.

No skill, no job and no hobby. How am I going to pass time everyday?

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