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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
The library near our apartment is really small but surprisingly they have a good selection of adult novels and DVDs in various languages i.e. English, Chinese, Korean, Tamil, Spanish and Japanese. They seem to cater to a multi-racial community. Well done!

As this place is wireless, people bring their laptops, enjoy their java fix while surfing net. It is so relaxing! And the librarians are helpful too. There is a kids section and it is filled lots of children storybooks.

I think the staff have done a good job in keeping the library well stocked with interesting novels and DVDs.

Better yet, there is no limit to the number of DVDs and books you borrow per visit. You can hold on to the books for a month and DVDs for seven days. You never find this deal in Singapore.

Ooh! I wish I work in this place.
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