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Monday, August 09, 2004
Interesting driving trip
Enough of the slightly negative posts of the last few days. Let me recall something real funny the first weekend when i got the rental car.

In Mappoint, the estimated time to drive is 12 minutes, but i took about 2 hours to reach that place, which incidentally is Costco in Kirkland.

It took a combination of "Men Dont Ask Questions, Women Can't Read Maps", unfamilarity with the roads, awkard increments of the numbering of streets, exiting in the wrong on-ramps, numerous roundabouts etc, for Sharon and myself to extend the 12 minutes trip to such a long one!

It was a miracle that we actually reached the place, especially at one point where we were really in nowhereland.

On this most recent Saturday though, both of us improved, and it did only take 12 mins to reach there!
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