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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Coming from jobs that directly or indirectly dealt with translation and localization, the word ilunga was recognized as the most untranslatable word in the world.

What does this word mean?
It is a word in the Bantu language of Tshiluba;
for a person who is :

  1. ready to forgive any abuse for the first time;
  2. to tolerate it a second time;
  3. but never a third time.

I think i reached the third stage today. This is part of the reason why i decided to go for the new cheese.

I had enough of having to rely on a system to process most of my work, and having it continually, reliably, never without a doubt, break down on a daily basis. We actually can put it as a highlight of the week if there IS a day that everything works.

I think i also had enough of performing systems testings and diagnosis on a not ready for production system.

Imagine planning a downtime in the midst of a big product revision.

The biggest hit is that though we are the customers to this system, the system sucks. Our customers that relied on us processing through this system, constantly think that it's our fault. It NEVER is.

Though the same core team provide support for the new cheese too, at least that role allows me to have more control. Being in a helpless position and an open target is not something i would want to be in for long.

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